About the Author

  David Windham grew up in a small town, where everyone knew everyone else, and where he could learn from the different people God put into his life. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Oregon coast, he began a lifelong study of God's word. After a full career in the Air Force, he continued in public service, settling in Southern California.

  A devoted father, David remained active in his children's lives and in the church, conducting in-home Bible studies and teaching Sunday school. When his mom passed in 2020, he found that he really appreciated the things she had written down on paper. He decided to write his first book, A Relationship With God, to document what he wanted his kids, now young adults, to remember from their Bible studies together. After the book was written, he discovered it was useful to their peers, many of whom had questions of their own.

  His book covers various topics from salvation, to prayer, to what it means to be a Christian. It is both an easy introduction to a personal journey with Christ, and a companion for further Bible study. David Windham has a conversational style that permeates all areas of his writing as he covers important tenets of Bible doctrine in a simple way, building concept upon concept.