David Windham

1 min read

What is sin? Sin is acting against God's wishes. Sin is opposing God's will. To put it in the simplest terms possible: sin is saying 'no' to God.

Sin is behaving in accordance with human nature, a rebellious nature, and not following what God wants for you. Sin is rebelling against God's authority. This is something that we all do from time to time. Some more than others, but every person in the world has said 'no' to God at some point. We all sin.

Even using your own sense of right and wrong, you know that you have done wrong. Even before you know what God's right and wrong are, you have a moral compass that indicates to you, you have sinned. We all have. Everyone has done something in an act of rebellion against God.

Once we come to terms with the fact that we have sinned, that we have acted against God's wishes, what impact does that have on our lives?

In our natural state, we are unreconciled to God. In our natural, sinful state, we stand in opposition to God. We are separated from God by our opposition to God. This presents a vast chasm between us and God. It is a barrier that we are unable to overcome ourselves. How can you be reconciled to God when your wishes, your choices, and your behavior are in opposition to God?

Luckily, God has overcome that barrier in spite of our own failings and inabilities.