David Windham

1 min read

How is it that you and I can feel so strongly about what is right and wrong and still disagree? Why don’t our versions of right and wrong matchup? How can you believe something is very wrong and someone else not see it as being wrong at all?

We all have a sense of right and wrong. And we are completely convinced of our own version of right and wrong. We even get angry and defend our version of morality against any who would disagree.

We take it personally. We have trouble seeing why anyone would be fine with something we consider wrong. Conversely, we don’t understand why someone would have a problem with something that we don’t think is wrong.

How can we see the same issue so differently? How can we each feel that we are individually right and still not see eye to eye?

There must exist a perfect version of right and wrong. However, I am not qualified to be the source of perfect morality. Neither are you. So, who should decide between us who is right?

God has the ultimate say in what is right and what is wrong. God is the only source of perfect morality. God is the creator of all things and everything belongs to Him. What God says is right, is ultimately right. What God says is wrong, is ultimately wrong.

There is no argument. It doesn’t actually matter what you or I think. If we want to know what is ultimately right and wrong, we must learn that from God.

God gave us a sense of morality, an awareness of right and wrong. This is so that we each recognize that we have done wrong, even if simply by our own reckoning of what wrong is. This should prompt us to seek God.